Contracts in Progress Services

The key to contract success is understanding your rights under a particular contract and what procedure must be followed to take advantage of them

MDA’s commercial insight and skilful implementation of contractual mechanisms supports clients through the construction project life cycle. Our contract construction services are a cradle-to-grave approach that involves providing contract compliant notices, claim formulation and quantification, record keeping and where necessary, dispute-management and resolution services in order to produce the best possible results for clients. Our policy is claim and dispute avoidance.

Commercial Support

MDA’s two-decade track record of successful project outcomes speaks volumes for those wise enough to appoint us “before the event”.  Too often parties to a contract try to go it alone and our role is then trying to recover lost ground. It forces us to be reactive, rather than proactively identify opportunities and avoid risk.  MDA’s on or off-site administration support enables communication to be enhanced and optimised in real time, improved time management, the efficient provision of contract compliant notices and the keeping and validation of proper records.

Claims Management

MDA implements claims management strategies to ensure our clients comprehensively realise their contractual entitlements by:

  • assessing events occurring through the project life cycle;
  • identifying the contractual or other basis for each entitlement;
  • formulating a comprehensive argument with reference to the construction contract, applicable authority and contemporary records;
  • quantifying the extent of the entitlement to additional payment and/ or extension of time; and
  • compiling the claim documentation motivating the argument for submission.

Dispute Management

Stakeholders operating in construction sectors are acutely aware that disputes are not always avoidable, and that procedures must be available to contracting parties to manage disputes. Dispute management procedures are no longer confined to litigation or arbitration battles. Far more appropriate procedures have developed which if properly applied assist in preserving commercial relationships, minimise disruption and enable parties to find some sensible resolution for their problem. MDA’s specialisation in adjudication and mediation are two such mechanisms.


With over twenty years of industry experience, MDA o­ffers best-practice in-house, public and online training programmes by internationally qualified facilitators who have extensive practical experience in both international and local industries.

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