MDA’s specialist commercial support and legal-advisory services reduces the negative impact of commercial challenges on project deliverables; minimises the opportunity for commercial risk events arising; and determines practical solutions to avoid or manage conflict and dispute situations eventuating during the project lifecycle.

Pre-Contract Services

MDA applies big-picture thinking while paying meticulous attention to details in the pre-contract process to help clients realise their commercial objectives. Our pre-contract services include training and upskilling of project teams, risk assessments, planning, project launch workshops and the creation of contract start up files.

Contract Construction

MDA’s skilful application of contractual mechanisms and practical commercial insight supports clients through the construction project life cycle. Our contract construction services include commercial support through record and notice management, claims management and the application of specific dispute-management and resolution services in order to produces best possible results for clients.

Post-Contract Services

MDA’s requisite construction expertise makes us uniquely positioned to provide support in the close out of projects. Our post-contract services include forensic auditing and planning as well as expert witness services.

The construction industry standard form contract differs markedly from standard form contracts generally used in the