First Aid for Contracts

About First Aid for Contracts

Under the banner of “prevention is cheaper than cure” and for the purposes of “making contracts get better” First Aid for Contracts was launched in October 2009. For the non believers out there some unbelievable testimonials were provided and the intention was for “First Aid for Contracts to be useful, fun and to add value to your daily operations and ensure the success of your contracts.”

Since that time every month, to an ever growing audience of appreciative readers we have provided an article of relevant and contemporary material under the headings of the four major contract forms in current use in south Africa as well as a general topic heading.

As we said in our original announcement, whether you are a believer in first world medications or the benefits of more traditional remedies such as garlic and the African Potato we are sure that we would all agree that it is the little things that we do that make the difference between healthy contracts and contracts that go sick on us.

We don’t wait for the contract to need open heart surgery, with a head ache pill here, a sticking plaster there, we steer our projects through the troubled contractual waters of the modern construction environment.

This is what First Aid for Contracts is all about and we intend to carry on doing this for as long as it takes!